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18.02.2023 - Article

The Working Holiday Visa Programme is based on bilateral agreements between Germany and Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, the SAR Hong Kong, Taiwan and Uruguay, as well as a Youth Mobility agreement with Canada.

General Information

To be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa and apply at the German Mission in Doha you must

  • be a citizen either of Argentina, Australia, Chile, Israel, Japan, New Zealand or Uruguay,
  • be at least 18 years of age but have not turned 31 yet when filing your application,
  • not be accompanied by dependent family members (e.g. children) during your stay,

To be eligible for a Youth Mobility Visa you must

  • be a citizen of Canada,
  • be at least 18 years of age but have not turned 35 yet when filing your application

The Working Holiday Visa Programme aims at enabling young people to gain insight into culture and daily life in Germany. The intention is to promote increased mutual understanding and your primary aim should be to visit Germany. Employment is permitted throughout the validity of the visa but should remain of temporary character in order to facilitate additional financial means to your holiday travel intentions in Germany. Conditions regarding length and type of employment are governed by the individual bilateral agreement:

  • Citizens of Argentina may work for a total of six months only.
  • Citizens of Australia, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and Uruguay may work for up to six months with the same employer. After that employment may be continued for a different or several other employers for the remaining time. Both fulltime and part-time employment are allowed.
  • For citizens of Canada please refer to the information provided by the German Missions to Canada.
  • Citizens of Israel may work for up to three months with the same employer. After three months employment can be continued with a different employer.

Self-employment or freelance work is not permitted for citizens of Argentina, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Processing period

The processing period may take 1 month. During the processing period you cannot inquire about the status of your application. Upon expiry of the processing period only the applicant, his/her legal representative or persons holding an authorization letter from the applicant may inquire about the status of the visas.


The fee is 75,00 €, payable in QAR cash or by international credit card in Euro (Mastercard, Visa). Euro cash, checks or debit cards are not accepted. The application form can be downloaded for free.

Necessary documents

Please bring the following documents in the mentioned order to your appointment at the Embassy. Additional documents may in some cases be requested. Documents sent in advance will not be archived.

Complete the online application form (application forms are required for each applicant separately; all children require separate forms).

Bring one printed and signed form including the barcodes to your appointment.

A valid passport signed by the holder, issued within the last 10 years and valid for at least one year is necessary. The passport needs to have at least 2 subsequent blank pages. Please bring 1 photocopy of the passport biodata page to your appointment.

1 fully biometric passport photo, 35 x 45 mm, no older than three months. Digitally altered passport photos cannot be accepted. Please ensure that your photo adheres to German biometric requirements and is taken in front of a white/bright background.

Bring your valid Qatar residence permit (QID) and 1 photocopy to your appointment.

  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses in Germany for the first three months of your stay, i.e. a monthly equivalent of € 861. Depending on your overall financial situation we may ask you to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to return to your country of residence. Accepted evidence of funds are
  • Recent German or Qatar bank statements for an account in your name for a minimum of three months showing that you hold a continuous and sustainable balance equalling EUR 2,583 (if applicable: plus funds to return to your country of residence).
    • Bank statements from other countries may be acceptable if any balance not in EUR or US$ has been converted into either currency and the statements as such have been authenticated by the issuing bank with signature and stamp.
  • OR blocked account holding minimum EUR 861/month (if applicable: plus funds to return to your country of residence)
  • OR formal obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) by a sponsor resident in Germany.

  • Confirmation of health insurance cover (including accident insurance, “Unfallversicherung”) commensurate with the level of statutory German public health insurance (“gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”) - in 1 copie

  • Curriculum vitae in German or English– in 1 copie

  • Personal motivation letter in German or English explaining in detail what motivates you to take part in a working holiday program and what you expect to achieve through this program – in 1 copie

  • for citizens of Argentina, a criminal record certificate must be provided, not older then 4 weeks. Can be applied online here

Book an appointment

Please use our online appointment booking system. Booking via telephone or email is not possible. At the appointment, you will submit all required documents and pay the visa processing fee. You will be interviewed with regard to your planned stay in Germany and your biometric data (passport photograph and fingerprints) will be collected.

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