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Important Information

The Embassy and its Visa Acceptance Center are in high season. Therefore, you should expect an increased waiting time for appointments. We would like to point out that timely travel planning and visa application has been possible for the upcoming travel season.
The Embassy is currently receiving increased requests for special appointments through all possible channels. This is causing unnecessary delays and tying up our staff to respond.
Our Visa Acceptance Center has also noticed that appointments are regularly fully booked, but applicants often do not show up for their appointments. This does not allow for concrete planning.
In the spirit of solidarity with other customers, we ask you to cancel appointments that cannot be kept in good time.

General Information:

Qatari citizens or non-EU nationals must hold a valid visa for travel to Germany.

More than 23.000 visas for nationals from over 190 different countries are processed by the embassy's visa section every year.

The visa application center VFS Global is handling Schengen Visa applications for the German Embassy in Doha.

Which type of visa is required for travel to Germany depends on your period of stay. Are you planning a short visit to Germany - e.g. a business or holiday trip, or do you intend to stay for a longer period - e.g. for studying?
For further Information please click on the options below:

Short stay (maximum of 90 days, e.g. for a holiday or business trip)

Long stay (more than 90 days, e.g. to attend university, work or join a family member in Germany)

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