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18.02.2023 - Article

Non EU-students who have been admitted by a German university (possibly with a preparatory language course) or who have been accepted by a preparatory college (“Studienkolleg”) may apply for a visa to study in Germany.

General information

A student visa may also be granted to individuals undertaking a preparatory language course or attending preparatory college (“Studienkolleg”) in advance of their university studies.

If you have not been admitted to a German university yet or have not yet decided on the university or the course of study, you may be granted a study applicant visa limited to 9 months.

In general, students holding a visa or residence permit are permitted to work part-time to support themselves, up to 120 days or 240 half-days per year. This limit does not apply to academic employment (“studentische Nebentätigkeiten”). Students at a preparatory college (“Studienkolleg”) may not work during their first year of residence, except during holidays.

Upon successful completion of their studies at a German university, students may be granted an additional residence permit of up to 18 months to find suitable employment.

The visa for university studies can onyl be applied at VFS, please book your appointment there.

Processing period

The processing period may take 2-3 months. Usually the period will take approximatly 4 weeks. During the processing period you cannot inquire about the status of your application. Upon expiry of the processing period only the applicant, his/her legal representative or persons holding an authorization letter from the applicant may inquire about the status of the visas.


The fee is 75,00 €, payable in QAR cash or by international credit card in Euro (Mastercard, Visa). Euro cash, checks or debit cards are not accepted. The application form can be downloaded for free.

Necessary documents

Please bring the following documents in the mentioned order to your appointment at the Embassy. Additional documents may in some cases be requested. Documents sent in advance will not be archived.

Complete the online application form (application forms are required for each applicant separately; all children require separate forms).

Bring two signed copies of the form including the barcodes to your appointment.

A valid passport signed by the holder, issued within the last 10 years and valid for at least one year is necessary. The passport needs to have at least 2 subsequent blank pages. Please bring 2 photocopy of the passport biodata page to your appointment.

2 fully biometric passport photo, 35 x 45 mm, no older than three months. Digitally altered passport photos cannot be accepted. Please ensure that your photo adheres to German biometric requirements and is taken in front of a white/bright background.

Bring your valid Qatar residence permit (QID) and 2 photocopy to your appointment.

  • Evidence of admission to university/exchange semester/degree course/PhD program

    • Undergraduate and graduate students taking a full degree course at a German university: 2 copies of the German University admission letter (“Zulassungsbescheid”)
    • Undergraduates enrolled at a UK university undertaking an exchange semester/ semester or year abroad in Germany: 2 copies of the German university admission letter (“Zulassungsbescheid”) or corresponding confirmation. Letter or confirmation must state name of student, course title and duration of study at German university.
      Plus Study abroad confirmation by UK University (2 copies), must state name of student, course title, complete duration of study at UK University plus place and dates of study abroad
    • PhD students: 2 copies of letter of acceptance from German academic supervisor
      Plus (if university requires PhD students to be formally enrolled): 2 copies of confirmation of admission.

  • Evidence of sufficient funds minimum EUR 934 for each month of stay, (valid as of 1 August 2022, subject to change). Options below may be combined, provided that the total requirement is being met. Please note that NO alternative evidence of funds is acceptable.
    • Blocked account
    • OR evidence of scholarship
    • OR evidence of Qatar student loan indicating the maintenance loan component per month, term or year PLUS personalised confirmation by Student Loan Corporation that loan is also payable to students undertaking a full undergraduate/graduate course or a semester/year abroad
    • OR formal commitment (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) by sponsor resident in Germany

  • Professional/ academic curriculum vitae (2 copies).

  • if not otherwise specified and lectures are being held in German, proof of German language level of at least B1/B2 is mandatory, please confirm with competent university)
  • otherwise a confirmation from the university that the lectures will be held in the English language and proof of English language knowledge (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS))
  • Proof of German language Level A1/A2 must be provided on the day of the application for the visa

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