Business Visa (less than 90 days)


If you are Qatari citizen or a resident in Qatar planning to travel to Europe for a business trip, you can apply for a Schengen business visa at VFS Global Doha if your main destination is Germany, Finland, Austria or Slovenia.

The application process

The application has to be submitted personally. The application can be processed within 15 days upon submission of your complete visa application but for some nationalities it can take up to 45 working days. Please submit your application at least 15 days but not earlier than six months before the scheduled departure.


The visa application fee for an adult is the equivalent of EUR 80.00 in QAR. This non-refundable charge is payable in cash or debit card at VFS when applying.

Required documents

Please bring the following documents plus one copy of each to your appointment at VFS Global and keep the following order of the documents. Documents in languages other than German, English or French must be translated by an authorized translator.

Further documentation may be requested in each individual case

One application form (Schengen VIDEX) duly completed and signed.

2 fully biometric passport photo, 35 x 45 mm, no older than three months. Digitally altered passport photos cannot be accepted. Please ensure that your photo adheres to German biometric requirements and is taken in front of a white/bright background.

Original passport or travel document valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen area. The passport/travel document must contain at least two blank pages and was issued within the last 10 years. Provide photocopy of the passport data page, previous Schengen visas within last 3 years and valid USA/UK/ Australia visas if available.

Proof of legal residence in Qatar, valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from the Schengen territory

A reservation for a round-trip airline ticket with the applicant’s name. Successful applicants might be requested to present their original return airline ticket.

Travel/medical insurance (coverage on medical expenses at least EUR 30,000 and valid for the entire Schengen area for the duration of the applicant's planned stay). It is a requirement that claims against the insurance company are recoverable in a Member State. The insured party, policy validity period, geographical coverage and schedule of benefits must be mentioned of the policy schedule/certificate. Insufficient proof of valid Travel Medical Insurance can lead to repatriation from the Schengen area.

An original or a scanned copy of letter of invitation from the applicant's business partner in Germany, Finland, Austria or Slovenia stating the purpose and duration of the visit. If applicable, confirmation that expenses are covered by the company in Germany, Finland, Austria or Slovenia. If applicant is attending a conference, confirmation letter of your participation and payment receipt of registration.

A guarantee letter from the applicant’s employer, stating the details of the applicant, employment duration, designation, purpose and duration of travel. If applicable, the company should confirm taking full responsibility for all your expenses, including medical care and repatriation if necessary. The original letter must be submitted. If the expenses are covered by the Company in Qatar, Business Registration Certificate or Patent Certificate or Tax Payment Receipt and Bank statement of the company (at least 6 month) is needed.

Documentary proof of means of subsistence of the applicant e.g. applicant's rental agreement, land title, proof of ownership of house/own business, officially stamped and signed bank statements for the last 6 months, proof of income of applicant

birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Furnished false information or fake documents during the visa application process will lead automatically to a denial of the application and will lead also to an entry ban for Germany (possibly therefore also for the other Schengen countries)!

Appointment booking

Please use the online appointment booking system of VFS.

It is not possible to book an appointment via phone or email.

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